Sri Kotasattemma Ammavari Temple, Thimmarajupalem, Nidadavole
  History & NDD Info

It was a fort surrounded by water bodies (Jaladurgam) of East Chalukyan kings. Chalukya Bhima, the builder of Draksharama Bhimeswara temple won this land from Rastrakutas , the then ruling dynasty. Veerabhadra Chalukya ,a ruler of this place married Rani Rudrama Devi, a prominent ruler and warrior princess of Kaakateeya dynasty. It had 108 siva temples, many of them were totally destroyed by Md. Bin Tughlaq in 1323. Even today can find 6 feet destroyed sculptures of that age. A beautiful Nandi of 13th century placed in Sri Golingeswara temple discovered in School building construction. It has history erstwhile Rajahmundry's.

  1. Golingeswara swami temple
  2. Someswara swami temple
  3. Ajaneya swami temple
  4. Namgalamma temple
  5. Sri Venkateswara Swami temple
  6. Sri Kota Sattemma Ammavaru, Thimmaraju Palem
Chinakasi Revu
  1. Sri vasavi kanyaka paremeswari temple at chinna kasi revu
  2. Ganesh temple,Pedda gandhi bomma centre

Cinema Theatres

    1. Radhakrishna ( Earlier known as Ramakrishna )
    2. Ganapathi
    3. Sri Venkateswara
    4. Malleswari
    5. Veerabhadra
    6. annapoorna (not yet built but soon )
    7. friends (not yet built but soon)


    1. Ganapathi center
    2. Nehru Bomma Center ( opp. signal operated level crossing)
    3. Pedda Gandhi bomma center
    4. Potti Sree Ramulu bomma center
    5. Paatimeeda (Ganesh Chowk) center
    6. Venkateswara Theatre center ( Bus stand center )

Railway Junction

Nidadavole is an important railway junction in West Godavari district, where a branch line takes to Tanuku and the mainline services are between Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. Recently it has been upgraded to computerised ticketing service and reservation facilities. Almost all express services between Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam has a stop here.

Nidadavole Development

At the moment Nidadavole lagging behind in development. Towns near Nidadavole Rajahmundry, Tanuku , Tadepalligudeum are rapidly developing when compared to Nidadavole.

Nidadavole Over Bridge

Nidadavole overbridge was constructed in 1990-92 and opened in 1992 after that whole traffic diverted towards ganesh chowk at patti meda. The business shifted towards that side and town became dead in around train station,bus station and Nehru bomma.

Nidadavole Wharf

Earlier to road network and good train network whole of transport was dependent on water. During that period Nidadavole Wharf became quite famous as it was junction provided main line rail services to other parts country. After rapid development of road network water transport became dead and Nidadavole was no longer active. Nidadavole Wharf located opposite to Nehru bomma.


1) St Ann's School. 2) St Ambrose School 3) D.S.O.M.H.School 4) Meher Nivedita Convent 5) Parousia jr college-నిడదవోలు 6) balabharathi school 7)vidhya deep school

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